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First Place Auto Products has more experience in the Mopar Muscle Car era front and rear spoilers than any other company. It was in the early 1980’s when the owner of FPAP, Fritz Wurgler, located members of the original development and manufacturing team who had worked at the subcontractor who not only molded the original spoilers but also designed them. Over time, Fritz amassed an extensive collective of factory blueprints & drawings, original check fixtures, and even many of the original models and patterns of the various late 1960’s and 1970’s designs. The extensive research made Fritz Wurgler and Greg Wurgler industry authorities on these Mopar muscle car era spoilers and led to the development of the most accurate reproductions, virtually indistinguishable from original.

Today, FPAP uses modern plastics and Tier II automotive molders to make your spoilers. All are molded in Ohio, USA and most are using the same processes as used 40+ years ago—and they were made Ohio then too! The Mopar front spoilers are single side vacuum formed while the AAR ‘Cuda, T/A Challenger, and 1971 Mopar Gull Wing are two piece vacuum formed items and all have earned Chrysler LLC approval.

The iconic 1970 Style wing used on the Mopar muscle car line as well as the 1970-73 wings used by Ford on the Mustang, Cyclone, and Cougar was a design that seems to have originated with General Tire’s plastics division. From what we have learned, General Tire owned the design and sold it to both Ford and Chrysler and that is why there is so much confusion in these spoilers today--due to different mounting spacings and spoiler stanchion height combinations. Again, for these items FPAP has utilized original blueprints and check fixtures to reproduce these spoilers to accurate weight, color, and dimensional properties complete with Ford Official Licensed Product or Chrysler LLC approval as applicable. We also have innovated a version of the 1970 Style Wing utilizing modern automotive materials that achieves the rigidity of the heavy originals but does so at a fraction of the weight. This “Value+Plus” series spoiler as we call it has proven popular as it mimics all the original dimensions and measurements once installed but at a reduced cost compared to our top of the line fully licensed spoiler items.

From this base of the 1970’s era spoilers, FPAP’s experience has led to its development of the reproduction Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare front spoilers. We are now working on many others. Like all product lines where we specialize, we welcome your comments, knowledge, and other original information on these spoiler items that will help us to expand the line and keep these cars alive and well for the next generation.

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