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Belt weatherstripping is the ridged sealing at the bottom edge of the side window glass on automobiles and trucks preventing dirt and debris from falling into the door cavity. The rigid sealing strips are located both on the inside and outside of the vehicle, sealing at the top of the door edge where you’d rest your arm out the window on summer day if you had the window down.

First Place Auto Products has been manufacturing its line of reproduction “Window Weather Strip” brand of belt weatherstripping, a.k.a., window fuzzies, for over 25 years. With over 50,000 manufactured sets in service for Mopar automobiles, FPAP is the definitive leader in belt weatherstrip technology.

Only the finest of modern materials are used in the Window Weather Strip brand. Today’s polymers have improved UV resistance vs. what was installed 30, 40 and 50 years ago. Flocking of various thicknesses, Stainless Steel—both round and flat bead, and a multitude of wiper profiles are tooled. Correct formed ends and clip type and placement are all reproduced in detail as well.

Like most seals and gaskets, belt weatherstrips are not designed to be reinstalled once removed and are generally replaced when a vehicle is repainted and/or reupholstered. We offer complete kits of outer and inner strips and, because vehicles are often repainted more frequently than their interiors are refurbished, we offer “Outer Only” kits to replace only the outside strips.

FPAP uses original style clips and fasteners in its belt weatherstrip kits. For strips where the original fastener was an industrial staple –sometimes used on padded inner door panels—FPAP prepunches the strips with holes to accept 3/32” diameter black oxide finish flat head screws (supplied) making the installation process easy for the installer and yielding a truly professional appearance when complete. Everything is tooled precisely for your car or truck just as closely as possible.

If your vehicle application is not listed in our inventory, please contact us for assistance. Share the year, make, model and body style you need and advise whether or not you have a master set which could be copied if we do not already have it. Note that for us to reproduce a set, a representative sample of the material profile is needed; this can be very rusty with the rubber and flocking gone and that is still OK. We need to know length, whether there are any original bends, special end treatments, and the type and location of clips used. Note the Left Hand Side is the mirror opposite of the Right Hand Side of the car so we only need a strip from one side of the vehicle per location. E-mail us for further details at

Like all product types where we specialize, we welcome your comments, knowledge, and other original information on belt weatherstripping that will help us to expand the line and keep these cars alive and well for the next generation.

FPAP continues to expand its line of side glass sealing items to include the division bar, glass stabilizers, vertical window seals, flocked channels, etc . Please let us know your needs, comments, and historical knowledge! We are here to help you and to keep these items in production and available for the decades to come.

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